Our Rehearsed Spontaneous Reactions

by Songs For The Sleepwalkers

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This record is full of imperfections. Songs that feel like incomplete drafts bleeding into one another, not making much sense on their own, like a drunk man staggering over here and there. These songs follow so many different paths, but then, uncertain about where to go, they just run in circle, only getting a glimpse of the road ahead. This back and forth goes on as the seasons change, and so does the mood of this record, swinging unpredictably, but gently and in slow motion.

It came to the point that I can not tell anymore if this is a good record or not, but of one thing I am sure. This is a record I really needed to do to bring back some light to my days.
I ve been writing new music since then, and I think I got back a lot of things that I thought I’d forever lost, and I also gained something new in the process.

Thank you for listening, sharing with your friends and supporting me.


released January 10, 2012

produced, written, performed and recorded by Andrea Caccese.
Nadja Ali: cello on 1-2-7
Daniel Larsson: drums and electric bass on 3
Artwork: Andrea Caccese/Caroline Aranius




Songs For The Sleepwalkers Sweden

Hailing from Sweden, Songs For The Sleepwalkers is all about heartfelt songs floating in between post-rock, alternative and folk with a direct and honest approach.

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Track Name: Icarus Falling
So tell me: where do you want to go?
Is it somewhere exotic, a place we only know?
If you could take a minute off your time, do you really think it'd be enough?
And if we ever cross each other's way
would you blame the weather, would you just turn away?
I try to make it high above the sky
but you wouldn't catch me when I fall.
You bought a compromise.
Track Name: Down the line
I wonder: could you make me feel like I am alive?
But I don't care: aslong as I bleed, as long as I sing, I know that I am real. I'll chase you down the line that tears this room apart. I'll chase you down the line that tears our days apart. I wonder what wouldn't I give up for a moment of clarity? I am drowning in the lonesome sound of a thousand people talking so loud.
Track Name: We are still here
Tell me everything that you are to scared to think alound. I'd see you in a dream, but it's way too late and I can't fall asleep. And I am waiting for the stars to shine, I am looking for another start but I am still here, trying to hold back my fears, trying to make a sense out of this mess, but I am still here.
You are not holding on to me: you are holding me down, until I'll drop dead, laying on a marble floor. God, it feels so cold, as I stare at the sky.
Track Name: Awake
The glow of the moonlight, it's brilliance surrounds me. The cold of the winter, it makes me feel like I am alive. Like I am alive again. Yeah, anyway...
Track Name: Tell me how
Run out of money, drugs and tears. Tell me how did I end up here? You told me life is what you make of it, but I still haven't figured it out. So tell me how, tell me now.
Maybe everything is possible, but we choose to look the other way, and every morning light will be the same, stuck in rewind and wonder why.
Track Name: Set the world on fire
We have a whole world that we could just set on fire.
And we could take the night off and just watch this burn for hours. And there will be no meaning. We wouldn't need a reason. You and I. The air is filled with ashes, our lungs with smoke. We could start it over or just watch this waste away. And there will be no reason. We wouldn't need a meaning. And there will be no reason. And there will be no other. Just you and I.
Track Name: What if I do
What if I do, what if I don't? It's this indecision that drives me insane. What if I am right, what if I am wrong? It's a roll of the dice, so who cares anyway? We could go where no one else has been. Oh if I could I'd take you with me, we'd cross all the borders that kept us inside. Oh if I could I'd break some more rules, I'd sing all the blues that I kept inside.